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November 10, 2004



OK, let's see. I think we can do something here.

1) Wisconsinite (though, in jest, we sometimes say Wisconsinian, pronounced wis-con-SIN-ee-en).
2) You may still buy Californian cheese, though you must admit that Wisconsin cheese curds are superior.
3) Yes, sadly, you must like the Packers. More specifically: yah der you betcha, go Packers!

Other things to know for the naturalization test:
1) Soda. Not pop.
2) Bubbler.
3) All vowels are long. Baaaaag. Cloooooooose.
4) Milwaukee is pronounced "Mwaukee". There is no "L".
5) When noticing an Illinois driver, one must proclaim "FIB!" The I stands for Illinois, and the F and B for naughty words.
6) The German fest is called, appropriately, Germanfest. Not Octoberfest. It's actually also in June, IIRC. There's probably also an Octoberfest, come to think of it. Yah der you betcha, time to drink more beer, eh.
7) I think Miller is the only beer still brewed in Mwaukee. I grew up about 2 miles from the brewery. 'xplains a lot, really.
8) Once you spend time in Mwaukee, and especially if you spend any time riding there, the Harley culture begins to make sense. It really does. I'm very tempted to get one someday and leave it at my parents' house to use on visits.

OK, that's enough for you for now. You will learn, young Padiwan. Go Packers!

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