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November 02, 2004



Well. I guess there isn't enough love left after all.
I probably won't be moving overseas, and Canada is unlikely because as Tony put it (verbatim): "Canada isn't far enough. Some Jews fled to France to escape Hitler's Germany. But eventually many of them were tracked down and caught. I'm not going to run from this fight any more than I already have when we fled Ohio, leaving our family and friends behind."
And I love him. So I'll probably stay put. Besides, we have the animals to think about. I'm not going to make them someone else's 'problem' just because I can no longer bear to be in my homeland.
The biggest fallout, which we haven't discussed so perhaps I shouldn't write this, is that another four years of this- and the fallout of the Supreme Court, has decided the fate of our family. I know I can never move back to Ohio no matter what happens here. And that destroys something bigger.
Tony and I were looking into adoption. We had just barely come to the decision. But now. Well. I can't do it. I just can't.
I can't bring a child into a country like this. Not even out here where we think ourselves safe from all the hatred swirling in the rest of the states.
So. If my writing takes on a decided liberal tone and I seem to have it in for Bush in the next few months. Well, I do.
He killed my child.


>I can't bring a child into a country like this

'Course, I'm adopted, so I'm fairly biased. But politcs begins at home, and all politics are local, and blah blah blah. I can't think of a much better reason to raise a child these days -- to be able to, well, influence another human being and to raise him/her the way that we all wish each other had been raised. ;)

I'm in no way trying to influence your (very personal) decision. But I'd be hard pressed to find another couple that would be able to donate the time/energy/love/caring/thoughtfulness/insightfulness that you guys could and would. There are a lot of assholes out there breeding; breeding that swirling hatred.

Hrm. Now I'm picturing a whole new sovereign nation populated with your offspring, my offspring, the Zinverio offspring...hooray for wired techno-liberal motorcycle land! ;)

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