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August 07, 2005



jigsaws = crack

Thank *god* Robert and I didn't come over -- we'd still be there. And while that's nifty to contemplate, we actually did manage to get some stuff done.

The only thing keeping us from puzzling is the kitties, who are 100% likely to steal & maul at least one piece of each puzzle.

Hrm. I theorize that jigsaw puzzles are a subset (subsequence?) of primate-type grooming behaviour.


Nah, you'd be home by now. We finished the puzzle last night. Gah! No more creamy off-white- I'm snowblind...
I don't know about grooming, but I will say the puzzle fired off the same little neuron patterns that make computer solitaire a dangerous timesuck for me.
And oddly enough, I'm now contemplating buying another one.

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