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October 22, 2005



Bugger. I'm really sorry to hear this. :-(


Thanks for the kind thoughts, Linda.
I've already had three weeks to get used to the idea though, because (lucky me) I knew the cancer had metastized into the lymph from the first drscription of it. This allowed me to skip the whole denial phase and head straight for the anger. I'm seething mad about the whole thing and I won't pretend not to be for the sake of propriety. But it keeps me focused and active, something I prefer to sitting about wringing my hands like some Cassandra.


that doesn't say anything about the treatment plan she's chosen or the quality of hospital she'll be going to. That's got to be the two most important factors to consider right now.
Good luck, Steph. She's got a good daughter, and is lucky you were looking out for her when she came to visit. I'm sure she appreciates that.
Lots of psychic love sent your way and hers. Prayers, too. May I suggest riding your green grasshopper bike out into a remote area (with Carolyn) and screaming bloody murder in the woods? It's good therapy, and so is beating the shit out of some deadwood with an axe, if you feel up to it. Or this might be a good time to take up boxing as an in-home sport. I was thinking you could have Tony mount a small punching bag in the living room, just behind the couch and a few feet in front of the star wars thingy, so's it would be quite accessable at any time of your day. I'm sure it isn't beyond his technical capabilities to do it without damaging the house...
p.s. it shouldn't be a problem for your thumb, either, right? No thumb involved in punching the bag, or so it would seem.


ah, crap, i'm so sorry to hear that. you and your mom are in my thoughts. big hugs to you if you're a huggy person, otherwise, a punch in the arm if you're not.

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