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June 02, 2007



*Pipes* solo???


Yeah. If you *heard* song, you'd recognize it immediately. Think strip-club soundtrack: dive bar strip-club, not anything with any real merit. It's Scottish head-banging heavy metal at its, erm, best(?). itunes describes it as 'cow-bell driven heat.' O.o


Come on, I need better material than this to read at 5:30 A.M. Something entertaining, not this MUSSSSHHHY stuff.


Nothing from Cannibal Corpse? I am so sad.


Related Lyrics:
Uriah Heep
+ Son of a Bitch

Nothing else to say, really.


"Hair of the Dog"...as in Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog"??? And then Lila brings up Uriah Heep?

Egads! I'm compelled to grab up all of my early 70's CDs for a weekend of a post-hippy auricular experience! Jeez-us, we're old!!!

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