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July 27, 2007



I have finished it last night. It was very good IMHO up until the ending and I'll leave it at that until I know you have completed the book.


Oh, I completed it. Once I sit down to something like that, I'm in for the duration.
Yeah, epilogue sucked. I think she was only doing it because she was horrified at some of the fandom pairings and wanted to make it VERY clear who was with whom. And good for her on that account, but honestly, the epilogue was horrible writing and her editor should have stood ground on that.


The epilogue did stop all of the smart arses who wanted to be able to read the final pages and tell exactly what had happened so they could spoil it for everyone who was waiting around to buy it.
It's heavy...


Harry Potter and the Big Funnel

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Yeah, the Editor should've stopped her from making Harry's life the same mundane (non-too-exciting-and-lacking-in-heroism) middle-aged lifestyle that I live. The epilogue gets a huge BAH! from my wife (who got me into Harry in the first place) and I. Rest of the book made for a great ending to the saga though. I hope they leave the epilogue out when the film is made.

Her next project is apparently going to be a series of victorian crime-dramas a la Sherlock Holmes or somesuch.

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