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August 05, 2007



You don't know Citizens Concerned for Community Values like I do...

Jefferson assumed that eventually everyone in the USA would be a Unitarian. Silly Enlightenment thinkers. That's what optimism gets you.


I don't know them as well because I like my rap sheets clean, my dear. [And before you make the obligatory funny retort, please remember my dad-in-law reads this. :)]

Ah, yes. Those bloody optimists who thought the entire voting pool would think, then set up a constitution that enabled giving regular people the right to vote...
That's just not good planning.


I was never arrested, unfortunately because the jr lawyer was a cutie pie.

"The People" generally get the sort of government they deserve. Maybe if we had the presidential candidates on American Idol people would pay more attention.


Cheez, Lila, it's been like 12 or 13 years and yer still goin' on about how cute that lawyer was?!? I'll bet he's 300 pounds and bald now (snicker)!

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