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December 17, 2008



Susan and Snug?
Susan and Snuggie?
Susan and Snouglas?
Susan and Sergei (Forest's idea)?
Susan and BORIS - he does go by this, sometimes... (Forest likes this also)

May I note here that were they to have a girl child the name Natasha (so I hear) is in the running.

-- Fo would also like to point out that Barsenoufious has an 's' in it, 'snoufie' for short, but I would like to reserve that name for when Fo gets ordained as "Father Snoufie" so Doug can't have it, Snoufie is mine, even if I frequently get Doug and Fo mixed up in conversation since they are SO DISGUISTINGLY similar --

Susan and, and Doug, yeah, other than to refer to his snug/smug happiness, I can't think of anything else Dougish that starts with an 's'. Forest proposes you try the letter 'c' like Cyril. But Kyril is claimed for a potential boy offspring of my own.


how about Skarphedin? Great character from Njal's saga which Doug enjoyed reading - Fo won't let me name a child Skarp unless it is for child #10 so Doug can have it. Skarphedin is awesome and big like Doug, yet fierce and fighting - which is extremely more like Susan.

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