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January 15, 2009



Nice!! What kind of camera?



Oh, you're one of those. It's a Cannon Something-something 1100. Wait, Tony is telling me it's a Cannon Powershot SD1100IS ELF and then some other letters and numbers I didn't quite catch but I'm sure are important somehow.


So, is keeping Tony in a cage a new kink that I missed?


Well, I don't exactly keep Bayliss in a cage either. The only time the doors are shut on any of them is when we're gone from the house. And Tony, like Bayliss, thinks of a cage as more of a personal comfort issue than an internment. But since he's started working from the house, the comparison is valid. Minus hammocks. How come Bayliss gets all the hammocks? We should have hammocks strung everywhere, too.

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