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January 21, 2005



Ah, the irony. I gave the D70 a good look because of your photos when I went looking for a camera. And that is what I am using.

And I was in that store just the other day. I bought a couple of light stands and some umbrellas.

Yes, I fell off the deep end photography wise. Been fun!


Hehe, I'll take that as a compliment to the quality of my pictures. I had some small part in convincing Kenny to get his D70 as well.

Light stands and umbrellas, huh? Wow, you are *really* getting into it. Good for you!


I love the "don't worry" statements at the end, particularly when you've spent the entire paragraph trying to decide which source to use to make the purchase.
And yet, no mention of exactly *what* this mythical lens does. Dishes, perhaps?

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