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March 02, 2005



The next time you get out to one of your glorious track days you should get some footage with a Twenty20 cam. Check out www.twenty20camera.com. They're right up in your neck of the woods aren't they? I just got one and I took it out trail riding, the footage was awesome and the kit is super small.


Wow, JohnJohn, your employee compensation package must really suck if you're working for twentytwentycam and all you got was the lousy camera.
Thank you so much for your unpaid and obviously impartial view. I'm impressed though. When you sold out your humanity for a quarterpenny an annoyance, did you sign a separate clause to tailor all your spam comments as much as you did this one?


Hey, how'd I miss this entry before? Damn you and your atomic battery! :D


Ouch! until I read this post, I was afraid it was the lap-timer. We need to watch a lot of superbike soon!


C'mon, we want the full report, ankle-boy!


Wow Stephanie, yunno sometimes you get excited about something and write a commercial on accident. Upon second look it does seem like a would work there huh? Well, gladly I work somewhere else (I spam poker links by trade j/k), and they pay me in money instead of cameras! To be honest I think this blog has good pics and stories and could use some video. If you want me to be a commercial I'll post links to other sites/blogs that do have video, but the writing isn't as good.

Sorry...I guess.

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