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October 11, 2005



At first, looking at that Tuono picture, it wasn't too bad. "Why's Tony so spooked by that?" I thought. "It's no worse than the constipated wasp that was the newest model VFR."

And then I kept looking at the picture. And more and more little details started rearing their ugly heads.

The bizarrely-colored chevron underneath the middle headlight. The four cataract-blue eyeballs inside the headlights. The teeth of the grill.

That bike is horrifying.

I'd still borrow it from you, of course. Mmmmm V-twin purrrrrr. Nice scary ugly track-flicker bike.


Well, one reason I was spooked was that this is the evolution of my beloved Tuono. I mean who really cares about VFRs? ;^)

The bizarrely-colored chevron is a stylized Italian flag.

The detail that I hate most is the chin spoiler that looks like a funny little mouth. It's ugly, and I think the way it looks is something of a design cliche. I was hoping that Aprilia's designers could do better than evoke the memory of a Toyota.

At the end of the day, I'm actually quite pleased the new Tuono generates no bike lust in me. My previous generation Tuono still looks totally-killer-awesome-cool in every conceivable way. ;)


I still don't see a Celica GT.
I see a Spielberg ET.

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