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March 25, 2006



Amazing that you were in the same frame of mind with "getting things done equates to happiness on many levels" since I also am having an extremely productive, early-waking weekend.
Big difference: my afternoon activity centers around getting ready to have you here. CAN'T WAIT!
get here, get here, get here, get here,
Back to finding the living room floor...


oh, and one more thing. The early waking is to prepare for surgery monday! Kitty!
And the living room vibrates to "best of Sting and the Police"...
And I fold a nice warm thing for Steph to wear here, unless spring hits us just for your visit, which is predicted...


interesting, i just noticed that i'm more functional and more awake on 5-6 hours of sleep than i am 7 or 8, which is great and all but i love sleeping!

i suppose this is practice for a kid...

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