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April 18, 2006



did I forget to mention how strange it is that the person who pushed you to blog, and thereby initiated the Atheaster blog, was at the same time considering marrying a priest, and in thinking about it, was planning on bouncing the idea off of you and getting your take/advice? Oh, funny that I didn't bring it up... it is a little freaky just how few of my friends have the same faith as me. But that proves I don't go to church to gain social acceptance! And here in Wisconsin, so many many people do. How extremely not fun. I miss my atheists...

Casey McKinnon

Hahahah! I just Googled the term "Atheaster" and it brought me here... very awesome. Happy Atheaster to you, my fellow atheist! Chocolate ftw!


Heh, glad you got a kick out of it Casey. Happy Atheaster to you too.

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