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November 14, 2006



Ooooh, awesome! Can you take a photo of the dash (or lack thereof) too? I'm not quite visualizing how that fits (doesn't fit) together.

Thanks for the trailer link. I need me one of those for XT haulage. Moab, anyone? *wiggles eyebrows*


Or you could, you know, borrow the trailer.
Tony's too nice to say so, but in that first turn 11 picture, that's Debi he's about to go past like she's enjoying the scenery. His SV had it over just about everyone in the big corners, the thing can turn on a pin.


Why don,t you show some goodness toward your father at Christmas and his 60th Birthday ? Instead of being so self absorbed.


My god, is it really you? It's been thirty years since we were in that prison cell in the Phillipines, how did you find me?!

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